That's one big propeller!

On February 28th/2016 temperatures soared to a record value by poking up to +14 Celsius.

By the way, Environment Canada supplies historical weather data for decades past and it is neat to poke around the site. There you will notice YHZ (Halifax) sees more rain then YVR (Vancouver). A tidbit of info I give when teaching Air Canada new hires weather.

People walked in droves capitalizing on a break from winter's grip. For me, it prompted a walk along the harbour toward Toronto's wind turbine. It sure is big when you get up to it. I didn't realize it is a constant speed propeller. An anemometer (big name for wind meter) is perched on top observing the current wind sending signals to computers which in turn sets the pitch (changes the blade angle) for various wind speeds. (I also didn't realize this is the area where people watch the annual airshow). The accompanying literature avers it is wide as the wingspan of the B747. They didn't specify what series of the B747, but let's say it's about 200 feet.

If you are into physics and such, linear velocity V= w (angular velocity) X r (Radius). If that big prop spins at 60 rpm it's linear velocity is 428 mph! For the Dash 8 (of which I have 5500 hours) the 13 foot prop can spin at 1200 rpms. That translates into 557 mph! I guess one could appreciate the tips of a helicopter blade reaches the speed of sound.

You will find me blogging a little more. Book sales have subsided and it's time to soar to a higher flight level. I welcome any constructive criticism. When one door closes another opens.

I am off to KSFO and then CYVR. Last week, winds gusted to 45 to 50 knots from the west. The hold and approach proved interesting into San Fran especially with a student.