New cloud discovered (Cumulus Erectus)

If a pilot starts making reference to how clouds look, then an eyebrow should be raised. If you hear, "hey, that cloud looks like a bunny rabbit" then suspect an hypoxic state from oxygen deprivation and tell he or she to "go on oxygen!"

But how do you respond when a pilot says, "hey, that cloud over there looks like a big (ahem)!"

F/O Brent was excited to fly with me (no, not that kind of excited). He knew I was a meteorologist and wanted to share a couple of pics he took over Colorado. Most have heard of cloud seeding using silver iodide to suppress the development of a thunderstorm. Maybe viagra was used instead for this cloud?

Even though I can't claim ownership to the pics, I will stake it's nomenclature, Ce (Cumulus erectus). This "unique cloud" is actaully caused from the extreme late stages of a dissipating cumulonimbus. (Seriously).


Cu Erectus.jpg
Cu eructus #2.jpg