Just click on "Purchase a Copy."  (I will sign it if you prefer at the same outstanding price) or you can buy it through Lulu.com. And even through Amazon.ca. Now you can purchase the "book of all books on aviation meteorology" through PayPal. There is no excuse.

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As well, there are a lot of GREAT aviation bookstores that carry Canadian Aviation Weather.

加拿大航空天氣書(Canadian Aviation Weather) 絶對很棒!內容豐富詳細,是在加拿大做飛機師必定要有的一本書。

Some recent feedback. (Gotta keep this anon, but it is from a heavy hitter) The integration of pilot decision making with meteorology is a particularly strong attribute. Several other books deal with meteorology, primarily from a navigation planning perspective, and find it a challenge to reach an appropriate balance between theory and operational practice.  In your case, you have expertise in both what a pilot might do with the information /theory and the realities of the abilities /limitations of meteorologists and the associated distribution methods in meeting pilot requirements from both a safety and efficiency perspective.

Even more feedback...think "Tango Charlie..." 

In terms of Canadian aviation weather the number of books is rather limited. There is the AIM MET section and the MET chapter in From the Ground Up that are explicitly Canadian. The AIM is intended as a flight planning handbook and FTGU is really based upon what a PPL exam would expect. The Air Command Weather Manual is widely referenced and is Canadian but lacks content related to operational information. Weather Ways is Canada and a good light read but I’m not even sure if it is published anymore. I cannot think of anywhere, other than your book, that synthesizes the meteorological theory, aviation applications and practical operational information in one place (and through your anecdotes, makes it relevant to the reader).